Gitanjali - On My Way to Solving Problems

Hello Fellow Scientists,

My name is Gitanjali Rao and let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a rising 7th grader who will soon be moving to Lone Tree, CO. I love to build things and solve problems. My hobbies include playing classical piano, painting and dancing. I am excited to be part of this year’s final event.

I have always wanted to solve something that affects a lot of people. Few of the promising areas were: animal poaching,cyber security issues, etc. Soon, I read about the lead water crisis in Flint, MI and I knew that was the problem I wanted to solve. I created a potential solution and decided to submit it to the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge so that I could get some feedback.

The process for the entry video was fun and challenging at the same time. The easier parts were narrowing down the problem and current solution gaps. The challenging part was changing my solution multiple times, before I landed on one that will work. Every time I thought I had a solution, I would research further and then realize it will not work.  I researched bacteria, filters, and hypothesized possible new technology before I landed on my final one.

The next step was communicating my problem and solution clearly and concisely, forming a prototype, and editing my video. I was a little bit disappointed because I could use only part of the slides I created and cut more than half of my entire video due to the time limit.

In this process, I have learned to research, work with software to edit videos and communicate my ideas better than last year. After my submission, I reached out to few researchers in the field to explore the solution and technology further.

On my way to a camp, I got a call from Discovery Education. I was super excited, but also a little bit overwhelmed. My family and friends were so excited for me!

I am enjoying the mentoring experience with Ms.Shafer and I’m looking forward to the final event in October. I cannot wait to meet the other finalists and learn from them. 

Until next time,

Gitanjali, Brentwood,TN