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Hello, Young Scientists!

How many times have you thought to yourself: I have a great idea!  Maybe people liked your idea or maybe they didn’t. What if you believed you could make your idea a reality?

I had a simple idea. Then an amazing thing happened!  My idea started to grow into something I could never have imagined!  It began in sixth grade learning about solar energy in science class.  The sun is not going away and it’s providing constant free energy!  Harnessing the sun’s energy fascinates me. 

My interest in the power of the sun led me on a two year investigation.  When you're collecting data for solar azimuth angles in two feet of snow, you realize that your search for answers and facts about nature is going to be a long journey. 


Collecting Data in Two Feet of Snow

What started with a challenge to capture the most energy from a solar panel ended with an idea to provide more clean drinking water and electricity to developing nations.  Millions of people die each year due to a lack of clean drinking water. 

I entered the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge so I would have the opportunity to develop my invention further to help solve the global water and energy crisis.  I was honored to be chosen as a finalist with other amazing students who also have important ideas to pursue.

Working with my mentor Dr. Mahfuza Ali, a prestigious 3M scientist, is an amazing opportunity!  If I become America’s Top Young Scientist, I plan to develop my invention to improve and save lives!  Thank you Discovery Education, 3M, and Dr. Mahfuza Ali for supporting America’s young scientists.  Let’s share our ideas and build a better tomorrow!

Stay tuned,