Anika - What an Exciting Beginning!

Hello everyone!

I am very excited to share with you the beginning of my journey this summer.

Being named a finalist for the Young Scientist Challenge has been a dream come true! I would like to thank Discovery Education and 3M for giving me this incredible opportunity- working with a 3M mentor and meeting other amazing students who are interested in improving our world, one invention at a time. I hope that over the course of the summer, you can join me in my journey, as I work towards bringing my idea to life!

So what motivated me to enter this contest? My social studies teacher had found an article about the Young Scientist Challenge last year and felt that it would be a great way to expand my horizons – I had been researching the many environmental issues we face today, and was exploring sustainable ways to tackle them. This year, I focused on finding a natural solution to a large water contamination issue - oil spills. I was intrigued and inspired by the amazing innovations that past students had submitted and wanted to participate in the challenge myself!

I had spent many months researching the problem and conducting experiments. Once I had completed my innovation and testing, it was time to create my video. I soon realized that this was the hardest part of the application process - condensing months of research into a two-minute video! It was challenging to pick and choose which parts to include. I soon found out how short two minutes really were. After many takes and retakes and a crash course in video editing, I created a video that I was proud to share.

On second thought, waiting for the finalist announcement was probably the hardest part of the process! I had no idea that just three months could feel so long! Getting the call from Discovery Education and 3M was thrilling and overwhelming! I couldn't contain my happiness and I feel honored to have been given this opportunity! My family, friends and teachers were very excited on hearing the news. It will be a busy summer and I am looking forward to refining my ideas and learning and growing as an innovator.

If I were to win the Young Scientist Challenge, I would hope to inspire other young students to pursue their passions. Their new and innovative ideas are what will help solve the world’s problems in the future! I would use the prize money to support causes such as environmental protection and education. I also hope to further my research to make a meaningful and lasting impact!

I hope you will join me for my next blog post!

- Anika B.