Making Headway

Here is my second video blog.

As I said in my video I feel like I'm doing pretty well. I'm definitely having a complete blast doing all of this, but the best part about this process has been the collaboration between me, my mentor Mr. Jeff, and all of the other great people he's put me in contact with. The process definitely hasn't been a cake walk though. It has been pretty difficult getting all the things I need to get done done in order to stay on top of things. Although, the biggest challenge of all has been revising the designs of my prototype and actually making and testing them with the resources I have at hand. Despite the hardships though, I can definitely say that overall this process has been incredibly rewarding. I've had so much fun doing this. Actually today I got home from school almost bubbling over with excitement because I could finally get to see how some components I began making the night before turned out (there is a point in the process of making my prototypes in which there is about a 24-hour wait before I can continue working on it), and I can't really remember the last time I had this much fun doing what a lot of people would consider work.