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Harini - Narrowing It Down 2.0!

I never knew that picking one idea out of three could be this hard! There were so many good reasons to attempt each one! But eventually, I started ruling them out.

Sahasra - Problem Statement to Problem-Solving-Solution

Hello all, and welcome back! In this blog Im going to be sharing my summer experience and choosing one problem and solution to focus on.     Working with a 3M scientist on this has bee

Leanne- Choosing My Problem and the 3M Mentorship!

Hello! And welcome to my third blog post! This week I considered the different problems that I could solve and decided to choose mid-ear infections as the problem I wanted to focus on.

Amritha - Picking One Idea to Focus

Welcome back to my blog! In this vlog, I will share my experience on the process of picking just one problem and solution to focus on and my experiences with my 3M mentor this summer. Thank you to

Shanza - A Journey Begins with One Idea

Hello fellow scientists! My name is Shanza Sami, I’m from Iowa City, Iowa, and this is my blog on the process of selecting a final pick for an issue to address, seeking solutions, as well as reflecting on my journey with the 3M Young Scientist Challenge so far. 

Daniel - Decision & 3M Scientist

  Hi Guys, Welcome to my blog. What was the biggest factor in your decision? I would say there wasn't one big factor in deciding my project but several factors I considered what was within

John - Narrowing Down to One Problem

Hello and welcome back to my blog!  Today I’ll be talking about how I am focusing on one problem. Below is a video explaining the process of how I narrowed down to one issue.

Asvini - An enormous global issue

Hello everyone and welcome back to my third blog. Today I am going to talk about how I choose one problem that I wanted to research more about and how I came up with some innovative solutions.

Samaira - Just one problem!

Just one problem! Hardest. Task. Ever. In today's blog post, I had to choose ONE problem to tackle, and after extensive research, I settled on Ovarian Cancer.


Hello Everyone! Welcome back to this week's blog. My name is Sritej Padmanabhan, a top 10 finalist for the 2022 3M Young Scientist challenge.