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Samyak - Observations and Problems!

Hi, there! We meet again fellow science lovers!  I’m Samyak Shrimali and this is my second blog post.

Faraz - Too many problems!!!

Hello friends, there are many problems in our world. We wish we could solve them all. But do we really have the time for it?

Jordan - Identifying Problems

Hi, this is Jordan. In this blog post, I am going to be identifying and narrowing down problems I need to solve.   Watch my video blog below:

Reshma - Narrowing Down My Choices

This is my second blog post and I chose to do it in video format. Watch it below…     Thank you for watching this video blog and please look out for more to come in the near future!

Nishant - How I knew my idea was the one

I call myself an all-rounder due to my interest in so many different things. Music, science, swimming, golf, running, global concerns, you name it.

Joey - What will fix climate change

My project centers about saving the Earth’s climate. I had my first phone call with my mentor, Mr. Emslander

Caroline- On The Right Track!

Hello again, it’s Caroline, I just found out an excessive heat warning is in effect.  A strong high pressure area known as a “heat dome” is building across the United States.

Kara- My process of selecting a problem

A few years ago, my grandma had a very serious Urinary Track Infection, and was sent to the emergency room. She was immediately given antibiotics, which saved her life.

Jaya-The Initial Steps

Hello again! This is Jaya with my second blog post! Week 2 came and went in the blink of the eye.  This week, I worked with my mentor Dr.