Joey - What will fix climate change

My project centers about saving the Earth’s climate. I had my first phone call with my mentor, Mr. Emslander, and we talked about how often we would connect over the summer and about different 3M technologies that could be used.

The earth's climate can be saved by reducing the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, especially CO2. CO2 can be reduced over time by limiting CO2 emissions, or by taking out CO2 from the atmosphere, and these are two of the three problems that I chose. There are many ways to solve these problems but solutions can be complex, expensive, dangerous, unproven, or require the consensus of too many people to be effective quickly, and we don't have a lot of time left to save Earth's climate. 

There might be other ways to reduce global temperatures that do not involve CO2 remediation, and this is the third problem that I chose. Solutions to this problem would probably be highly experimental. 

In a way, it was not difficult to reduce my inquiry to three different problems to work on because they are all the root causes of all the issues I became interested in. I assume that 3M scientists identify problems and use their knowledge to try to design solutions that are practical and not too expensive.