Tip Tuesday: Advice For Your Entry Video

While The Young Scientist Challenge is about innovative, scientific ideas, it is also about communication! Experts and past winners agree, story-telling and clear communication are key to a successful entry video.

A great place to start is a "storyboard". While your research and scientific idea are the base of your entry video, you can use a storyboard to plan how you are going to deliver your message within the 2-minute time limit.

Using the Young Scientist Challenge storyboard template, plan your video by drawing the visual you want to capture in the box and writing an explanation of what is happening in the box on the lines below.

For additional tips and tricks on how to capture interesting video and clear audio, check out this video from 2013 Finalist Srijay Kasturi.

While filmmaking tips are useful, you already have the most important aspect of your entry video! Click below to hear a message from 2016 Finalist Will Paschal on the importance of passion.

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