Tip Tuesday: How To Work Through The Scientific Process

Every great idea starts by asking a question.

This process of inquiry, observation and discovery is commonly known as the scientific method. This practice dates back to the 17th century and consists of nine steps that take you from observations, to research, to experiments, and eventually, to meaningful conclusions.

While the scientific method is clearly laid out into nine precise steps, you may find yourself trying to jump ahead and get right to making conclusions!

To help keep you on track, we have created a customized project template that you can use to work through every stage of your Young Scientist Challenge project. With Challenge specific tips and tried and true methods for observing and hypothesizing, this project template is a great tool to help guide your journey of scientific discovery.

To download the Project Template, click here. Then, grab your Young Scientist Challenge Idea Notebook from last week, and get started!

Start your entry, today!

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