Will Paschal - Experiencing Haiti

Near the end of the summer I took a trip to Haiti with my dad and it completely changed my worldview. Before that trip I had no idea how absolutely blessed we Americans are. It's completely different seeing the country's issues firsthand instead of just reading about them on the Internet because they are much more real than I thought and the crazy thing is that Haiti is only 838 miles from Florida. That's only about a two and a half hour plane ride! It wasn't too hard getting the list of problems and solutions in my Scientist's Notebook down to just one seeing as I was and still am very passionate about helping some of the wonderful people I met down there.

I've talked about this a lot with my mentor and we've decided to switch projects. I want to make a device built from readily available materials capable of storing electricity generated by a wide range of sources. The goal is to provide citizens of developing countries with a way to power a variety of devices that could light their homes and maybe even sanitize their water. With the help of Mr. Jeff, my mentor, and some of his great friends, I've learned a lot about the concepts behind my idea. I am beginning to experiment with the design and am really getting exciting about this! October just keeps getting closer!