Sara Makboul - What a time to be a finalist!

Hello everybody, I'm Sara Makboul, 2016 YSC finalist and you're reading my first ever blog entry!

First up, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully my up and coming snippets on my journey as a finalist;)

Secondly, I'd love to share my experience so far being a finalist so here it is...

So before all of this happened, I had to first here of this awesome contest and enter. It was actually in 2015 when I first entered the challenge and wasn't successful. But what inspired me to re-enter ironically was the fear of knowing I was simply giving up. I couldn't let 4 months of hard work go down the drain so I put in some more time here and there after school and it payed off. I chose to solve stormwater pollution because this problem directly effected me in every community I've lived in and I'll get more into this in my next blog post so stay tuned;)

Anyway the time came to make the somewhat dreaded video that I knew would take some hard work, and believe me it did. I made my entry video in the beginning of April after my research was at a stopping point. It was time to think of what to say to explain what took me 4 months to understand, in a 2 minute video. My exact words were: "How in the world..."            

My first go and recording was horrible now that I look back at it. The information was unorganized, and I talked at the speed of lighting. So I tried again and rewrote the script until it was perfect. I got my brother to record me so it wasn't just me talking in the same place, added some music, had a quick demo, and bam it was perfection.


But not so fast, as soon as I uploaded the video, when I thought I would be relieved, I was more anxious than ever. Winning or loosing was all I ever thought about the first few days. Never in my entire life have I refreshed my email so many times in a month.              

Yet, of course the day came when I least expected it. I was at the library for Girls Stem club and I hadn't touched my phone in a while. You know when you finally get on your phone to suddenly find 20 missed calls from your folks and just expect the worst. Well I did, until I scrolled down the notifications to find this heavenly text message reading, "Sara!! Discovery and 3M called they want to talk to you!". I can't even began to explain my reaction in words so here's an attempt: "jawedmduwlcpehnxvbowhattttt?". I was so happy that now if I think about it I may have forgot I was in a library because I had to be talking so loud on the phone!                            

Anyway after all this madness passed it was time to tell my friends, family, and teachers who were overjoyed and super excited for me. I promised to keep them updated and I don't doubt they're reading this right now:)


So as I work toward the big day and final event with my mentor I sometimes think about what it is I'll do if I win. Since that is one of my goals. But I don't know enough to give you my mile-long wishlist because right now being a finalist is too great to wrap my head around. But there is no doubt, win or loose that I will continue to work to end stormwater pollution because I truly believe my invention is the solution to is huge problem, and I can see it implemented everywhere.


That being said, if you were wondering, I have chosen to stick with my invention idea from my entry video: SorberBalls, because I feel this idea can soon be a reality!  So again thanks so much for reading and stay tuned for my next blog post coming up because it'll be a video;)