Mrinali Kesavadas - The Start of My Journey

Hello everyone,

I am Mrinali Kesavadas. I live in Illinois and I am one of the ten finalists.

A couple of years ago, I came across this competition when I read about a past winner in a newspaper. At the time, I already had an idea for making a CPR simulator. Two years ago, I moved from New York to Illinois. My idea for the project still lurked in my mind. One day, I was in my basement when my dog came up to me with one of my old toys in his mouth. The toy didn’t just evoke memories of my days in New York. It struck me that this toy had certain qualities that would be perfect for my project. The toy ended up being an instrumental part of my innovation, which is partly why I ended up naming my innovation after him.

It took me around a year to complete my project and more than a month to make my entry video. After I first finished editing my video, I saw that it was more than 3 minutes long. I continued to edit and re-edit my video until I knew that I put the right information in the right sequence. Even though the video part of the competition was challenging, I enjoyed the process of making the video that would showcase my simulator. At the end of the process, my video captured all of my ideas.

When I heard that I was one of the finalists for the competition, I was surprised. I don’t think that it registered in my head when I was first told. I was very excited after finding out the news. My friends and family were  just as excited for me as I was. In fact, I had the opportunity to explain to my grandparents, who came from India, about the competition and my project firsthand. If I win the competition, I would probably spend some of the money to buy a new computer and save the rest of it for my college tuition.                      

I’m so thrilled that I have the opportunity of being a national finalist of the Young Scientist Challenge!