Meghna Behari- Keep On Questioning

Hello everyone!

Did you know that science is everywhere? Everything you do in a day can be traced back to or can be explained by science. There are a lot of different aspects of science, but it always starts with making observations and identifying a problem. As long as you are curious about the world around.

I noticed there were many news articles about serious air and water pollution. When I heard about the water quality crisis in Flint, Michigan, it inspired me to start thinking about pollution in my state of Pennsylvania. Solutions to some of the problems weren't always easy to come up with right away, but, as I said, asking the right questions was a good place to start.

I narrowed down my options based on the problems I felt most passionate about solving and which solutions I thought had the most potential. I also thought about how much of a difference each solution would make, and about who would benefit from it. 

It wasn't easy to identify problems and create basic solutions, but I felt confident with my approach to various environmental issues.

The scientists at 3M probably go through a very similar process when they want to solve a problem. I imagine they notice problems being faced by common people, and they set about creating innovative solutions that improve the lives of people.

Remember, as Albert Einstein said, “The important thing is to not stop questioning.”

Good bye!