Dr. Mahfuza Ali

3M Corporate Scientist
Materials Resource Division
Dr. Ali has developed a number of technologies including specialty thermoplastic and PSA polymers, quaternary monomers/polymers, ink-receptive polymers and surface modification.

Meet Dr. Ali. Have you ever used masking or painter’s tape? Then you may have encountered the science of Dr. Mahfuza Ali. Dr. Ali is a Corporate scientist in 3M’s Materials Resource Division. She invented and developed a novel Quaternary Ammonium Materials Technology Platform that has generated several highly successful commercialized products for 3M, including antistatic polarizer films used for laptops and TVs, ink-receptive films used for printing durable, brighter images and antimicrobial coatings.

Since joining 3M in 1984 after graduating with a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Kentucky and completing one year of post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Mahfuza has worked on product-development efforts with several business units of 3M and co-authored numerous patents that cover a large variety of commercialized products in multiple markets. She was also recently selected as North America’s top Industrial Chemist for 2020 by the American Chemical Society, the world’s largest scientific community.

In addition to her day-to-day work in the lab, Mahfuza enjoys teaching science classes to students in 3M’s Science Training Encouragement Program (STEP) and enrichment science classes at a local elementary school. She serves on the board of directors of the prestigious Schubert Club organization as an executive member of the Schubert Club Education Committee and as a volunteer council member of the Salon Se Leve Musical Organization. Mahfuza also mentors many young 3M scientists.